John Tucker Must Die

John Tucker Must Die

By Betty Thomas

  • Genre: Comedy
  • Release Date: 2006-07-28
  • Advisory Rating: PG-13
  • Runtime: 1h 29min
  • Director: Betty Thomas
  • Production Company: John US Productions
  • Production Country: Canada, United States of America
  • iTunes Price: USD 14.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: USD 3.99
From 645 Ratings


When three gorgeous gals discover they've all been duped by smooth-talking stud John Tucker (Jesse Metcalfe), they hatch a devious revenge scheme to turn the tables on him. Now Tucker is going to have to change his ways...or the school jock will soon become the class joke! Can the tantalizing teen trio turn this "serial dater" into a one-woman man? Find out in the hit movie that proves revenge isn't just sweet, it's hysterically funny.




  • πŸ†’

    By leesa_77
    Was really funny in the beginning. Worth the 99 cent rental.
  • Rip off!

    By Stop urgggghhhh
    Tried to rent, it charged me and then didn't download and DIDN'T REFUND ME. iTunes please help.
  • No unrated or iTunes extras

    By Kasspod
    No unrated or iTunes extras No unrated or iTunes extras No unrated or iTunes extras No unrated or iTunes extras No unrated or iTunes extras
  • I rewatched it. I am sad now.

    By DonMartin86
    I rewatched this recently thinking it would be a fun jaunt down early 00s memory lane. It was not. This movie doesn't hold up. It is all of the bad things. Cthulhu watches this movie to remind himself of the depravity of man. I am now in desperate need of a fuzzy kitten and hot cocoa. This is bad. Very very bad.
  • This is a great movie

    By KbCheetah
    This is a great, fun, funny movie. I love this movie a lot. I like Brittany Snow in it. It is one of my all time favorite movies.
  • LOVE

    By Kiarra miller
    tbh in the beginning I was expecting it to be very boring bc u could tell the ending, but the movie kept u enticed the whole time. it makes u wish for a relationship (especially John Tucker) and teaches a good life moral; to be yourself and hav the people love u for u and not lie. I highly recommend this movie
  • Exceeds expectations in a big way

    By Dro205
    I remember my girlfriend harassing me until I gave up and watched this with her, back in the day. I expected something heavy on the sentimental and emotional stuff, and light on laughs, or any actual enjoyment at all. It turned out to be completely different than I imagined it would be. I was first drawn in by the attractiveness of the four girls (Sophia Bush is hot!), but it didn't take long to realize I was actually enjoying the movie. The reason I felt compelled to write this review, over half-a-decade after I was originally "forced" to watch it, is that it's been coming on one of the movie channels lately (the HBO channels, I think-- which is completely irrelevant and off topic... sorry). Anyway, it's been coming on, and I've watched parts of it several times lately. Then I started thinking... I've probably seen this "chick flick", that I tried my best to avoid EVER having to watch, about 10 times over the years. It's just a good movie, really. This endorsement for this chick-flick-type-movie, which is a category that usually appeals mostly to younger females, is coming from a heterosexual, mid-30s male. (And no-- I never did admit to my girlfriend at that time that I really liked the movie. I delayed watching it, and stalled it out, and was so against it (due to previous, horrible "romantic-comedy" type movies I had to suffer through), there was NO WAY I could admit defeat-- that I enjoyed it. I never would've heard the end of it. She said, "See, it wasn't so bad, was it?" I had to respond with, "Uhhh, yeah, I guess it wasn't as terrible as I expected." In all seriousness though, it really is a good movie, and I definitely recommend checking it out if you haven't already.
  • πŸ…°βž•πŸ‘πŸΏβ€οΈπŸ™ŒπŸΎπŸ”₯πŸ’ΈπŸŽ‰

  • Please

    By Kenia Lorenzo
    I rented the movie & it didn't even download. It stayed "processing." I would like my money back since I didn't have the chance to even see it. Please help cause I'm dying to watch.

    By Killer whale lover
    Best movie ever,funny and awesome,it defenitaly took me on a adventure so if I where u I would see this outstanding movie!