The Sandlot

The Sandlot

By David Mickey Evans

  • Genre: Comedy
  • Release Date: 1993-04-09
  • Advisory Rating: PG
  • Runtime: 1h 41min
  • Director: David Mickey Evans
  • Production Company: Island World
  • Production Country: United States of America
  • iTunes Price: USD 7.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: USD 3.99
From 397 Ratings


It's the early 1960s and fifth-grader Scotty Smalls (Tom Guiry) has just moved into town with his folks (Karen Allen and Denis Leary). Kids call him a dork—he can't even throw a baseball! But that changes when the leader of the neighborhood gang recruits him to play on the nearby sandlot field. It's the beginning of a magical summer of baseball, wild adventures, first kisses, and fearsome confrontations with the dreaded Beast and its owner (James Earl Jones) who live behind the left field fence. Soon nine boys have become best friends, Scotty is part of a team, and their leader has become a local legend in this hilarious and warmhearted comedy.




  • Best movie

    By Ary025
    This has been one of my favourite movies sense I was a little kid I remember seeing it for the first time brings me back to those good old days in 2000 😁
  • Well

    By jcndjfjfnfndjdndj
    If you ask me it’s not very creative
  • wow

    By cmt ♥️♥️♥️
    just saw this and holy mercy it is the best baseball movie ever. for those watching with younger kids, there is some language. for writing geeks, it does not have a well developed storyline (meaning, it didn't really follow the rules of the whole rising action, climax, falling action thing). but! that can be ignored. i didn't notice it till afterwards. the humor and suspense covers all that up tho. *SPOILER* the parts with the most suspense always turn out happy, so younger kids won't have something to scar their little eyes forever. i will say, though the writers didn't follow the regular story-writing path, they did a very good job of balancing everything out. there's a little bit of everything in this movie. literally amazing. i cannot stop raving about this.

    By Tomo1960
    If you're extra fortunate, you'll have the opportunity to experience something so rare, like Halley's Commet or Larry Bird (from the tiny town of French Lick, Indiana), I am here to tell you that "The Sandlot" is one of those rarities where everything just fits together "perfectly". The Sandlot is not only a Homerun, it is without a doubt, a "GRANDSLAM" for generations to come.
  • Sandlot is awesomehdjrjrndjej

    By ndndiendndkdndjdnd
    This movie is so awesome I’m addicted to it and watch it 2 times a week
  • Ur killing me smalls

    By mr.pug467493837
    Great movie
  • Rotten Tomatoes ?

    By S3.14dr
    Seriously! This is the quintessential 4th of July movie. MERICA!, this movie is so good. It speaks of opportunity and potential in a way only understandable in the context of Freedom. I love this movie. The Sultan of Swat. So good.
  • Fantastic family comedy

    By MrSkoTA
    A great movie about a group of kids who come together for their love of a favorite outdoor pastime for many children. A fantastic job is made of taking you back to that pastime and setting the stage for what will become a story to share (and is shared) for years to come. The nervousness of being a new kid in the neighborhood and the fun that is made in making the newcomer ‘feel welcome’ and part of this little misfit family, the solidarity that is formed in resolving the issue that comes from inexperience and resulting lifelong connections are all on display in a plain and obvious and simple format for all to love. No character building! The characters are introduced and their wonderful little individuality and quirks are readily on display and loved. Most anyone can relate here. This movie shows the disconnect between ‘critics’ and real movie watchers. Critics are movie ‘snobs’ who are invested in making sure that other snobs don’t chide them for properly reviewing a movie. No account is taken when thinking of the middle-of-America average movie watcher.
  • Best movie ever

    By Izzo schmazza
    It was the best movie in my whole life

    By LizRomo98
    This is honestly my favorite movie of all time. Whenever I'm stressed or had a bad day I know that the boys of the Sandlot will be there for me. To make me laugh and welcome me home. This is a movie from my childhood that has stood the test of time and is still a classic till this day!